Brijjit® Force Modulating Tissue Bridges

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Each single box includes 8 sterile Packs.  Each sterile pack contains a tray of 6 individual Brijjit® units and a Brijjit® applicator. The sterile packs are intended for single use and were designed to support a variety of incision lengths. For some cases, the incision length may require opening several packs throughout the surgery.

Brijjit: Each Brijjit unit is comprised of a bridge-styled backbone. Adhesive pads support medial struts under the backbone which provide structure and relieve tension along the incision line.

Applicator: Fits securely in hand to allow for easy loading and deployment of the Brijjit® units. Lateral finger grips allow for controlled loading and placement, while distal finger tabs allow for easy disengagement after placement.

Single Brijjit® Box (LxWxH): 6.6" x 4" x 9"