Getting Started With Brijjit

The How To's and Where to Use



Employ up to three alternating features wThe BRIJJIT device consist of a polymeric backbone with medical-grade adhesive pads on each end.ith an option to use an image or video and include a call to action button.

How to use the Brijjit device

  • PREP

    Always degrease skin before placement.

    Note: This is an important step!

  • LOAD

    Never squeeze applicator when loading.

    Once loaded, gently roll the applicator longitudinally off tray.

    Note: Do not rock side to side to remove.


    Squeeze applicator to spread the adhesive skin pads of the device & then apply vertically downward onto skin.

    Seal adhesive down onto skin with fingers.


    Apply pressure to adhesive pads & press release tabs to disengage.




  • Do Not use Adhesive Tape

    Don't put adhesive tape right on the plastic backbone of the Brijjit. Doing so might dislodge the device upon removal.

  • Shower the next day

    Let your customers know what details set your product apart from the competition.

  • Brijjit inservice video library

    View other Brijjit FAQ videos here!

Where to Begin Applying Brijjit

In most cases, we've seen sugeons start using Brijjit for tissue support on:

• Mastopexy
• Scar revisions

Surgeons have also enjoyed using Brijjit for extra support or closure on:

• Brachioplasty
• Lesion excision
• Lacerations

Brijjit Application Areas

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What Our Customers Say

It (Brijjit) makes a steri strip look silly. It improves your life and their (your patient's) life.

I won't complete a mastopexy now without it.

Brijjit gives me the peace of mind to support the T-site and base of the vertical incision.

I never go anywhere without my Brijjits!

The more we use it, the more we use it.

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